Interpretación de enlace

This interpreting modality is known by different names like liaison interpreting, bilateral interpretation or escort interpreting

Liaison interpreting does not require the use of any technical equipment. One interpreter will enable the communication between two parties with different languages as the conversation between them takes place.

It is very commonly used in situations such as trade fairs, business visits, informal meetings and so on.

The main difference with consecutive interpreting is that the interpreters usually do not take notes, they just translate one sentence after the other, thus limiting the length of the interventions.

Choosing the right interpreter is crucial. These interpreters will be the voice and image of your company, they will travel with you, they have to know how to behave properly in international settings. The interpreter has to be very familiar not only with the subject at hand, but also with the culture and social behaviour of the target language. They have to like social relations, and be at ease helping to organize meetings, lunches, etc.

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