Our happy clients

We provide simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and liaison interpreting services to numerous clients in a wide variety of situations: conferences and congresses, seminars, product presentations, events, face-to-face and videoconference meetings, international trade fairs, etc.

We enjoy working with many NGOs to help ensure the success of their international conferences. Likewise, we are used to working with European institutions and their areas of intervention, with agencies and national institutions. We pride ourselves on being informed about the speaker’s presentation, even though this may require several days preparation.

We are very proud to have been appointed as the official interpreting services supplier for the Valencia Conference Centre.

Since every commission can be different, we adapt to the circumstances in each case. We ask for information and documentation so we can prepare our work thoroughly and deliver top quality interpreting. Sharing our clients’ involvement in their projects, we work hand-in-hand with them.