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As interpreters, we convert one spoken language into another, but we do more than simply translate the words, we relay concepts and ideas between languages.

There are many interpreting methods available. As conference interpreters we are fully equipped to provide you with all of these methods. We are happy to advise you about the best language solutions for you and to provide obligation free quotes.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting requires interpreters to listen and speak at the same time someone is speaking. Because a very high degree of concentration is needed, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, with each interpreting for 20-minute to 30-minute periods. This type of interpreting is required at international conferences and is sometimes used in the courts.

Consecutive interpreting

In contrast to the immediacy of simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting begins only after the speaker has verbalized a group of words or sentences. Consecutive interpreters often take notes while listening to the speakers, so they must develop some type of note-taking or shorthand system. This form of interpreting is used most often for person-to-person communication, during which the interpreter is positioned near both parties.

Whispered interpreting or chuchotage

Whispered interpreting is one mode of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter sits or stands next to the small target-language audience whilst whispering a simultaneous interpretation of the matter in hand. This method requires no equipment, but may be done via a microphone and headphones if the participants prefer. Whispered interpreting is used in circumstances where the majority of a group speaks the source language, and a minority (ideally no more than three people) does not speak it.

Liaison interpreting

It is used in business meetings and any situation involving a small group of people in which no equipment is used.

Technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation/translation

Sound quality is vital at any event to ensure total success. At Quality Interpreters, we can provide the highest quality equipment suitable for your needs. The latest generation in simultaneous interpretation booths, with the best simultaneous interpreting speakers and headset/receivers. The equipment we work with conforms to ISO standards, and our technicians have a wealth of experience in adapting the simultaneous interpreting equipment to the individual needs of clients.

Business interpreting

We have interpreters who specialise in foreign trade with an in depth knowledge of the international business world, including negotiating, Incoterms, international payment methods, transport, logistics, etc. They will be delighted to work alongside you to make your meeting a success.

When are we useful? At a meeting or sight visit to a client. At a videoconference. During a phone call to clear up an issue. For overseas business trips… In short, on any occasion when you want to be sure that you communicate and express yourself clearly.


Do you want to attend an international business meeting feeling as confident as if you were in your language?
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