Business Interpreting

Outstanding communication, the tool for your business success.

Business interpreting is one of our main fields of expertise and that is why we wanted to give you more details about what we can do for your business interpreting needs.

Outstanding communication is crucial for business success as you well know. And in the international arena, in order to ensure that outstanding communication, we are most likely to need professional interpreters, but not any translator or interpreter will do. Interpreters in our team have extensive experience in business settings whether we are talking about negotiations, product demonstrations, trade missions and visits to customers.

Conference professional interpreters not only speak languages at real native level, but also have the right and intensive training in all the required interpreting techniques to adapt their service to the situation in which the interpretation is needed, and to use the right technique at the right moment. Our interpreters can choose among all the techniques they master, and for instance, change from consecutive to chuchotage, or  whispered interpreting, or just liaison, depending on the circumstances. This is really useful at business settings. Let’s think about a very common situation, the meeting is taking more time than expected, one of the delegates has to leave to take a plane. Hiring an experienced conference interpreter will allow you to change the interpretation modality for the assignment, and begin to work with whispered simultaneous interpreting, thus saving a lot of time. You can find more information on this technique in the part devoted to whispered (chuchotage) interpretation on our web.

The importance of the deep knowledge of cultural differences is also very well known. We do not only have a native level of the languages we work with, we also know perfectly well the cultures of those languages and their consequences in communication. The interpreter is going to represent your company, being its voice, she or he will accurately convey your message and any nuance you might require.

Our interpreters have taken part in many business meetings. European institutions, such as the European Bank of Investment or the World Bank, or the Asian Bank of Development have trusted us for years to be the interpreters at many of their meetings. We are familiar with many private corporations such as Unilever, Henkel or Beirsdorf, big companies, and small and medium ones are among our dear customers.

Take advantage of our expertise and let us contribute to the success of your business.