Traducción simultánea

Best simultaneous translation in Valencia

Simultaneous translation, also known as simultaneous interpretation, requires the interpreter to speak while listening to the speaker’s speech. Thus, there are no interruptions or delays in the communication. Simultaneous interpreting is the process of listening to, understanding and simultaneously translating the speaker’s words.

At Quality Interpreters, we specialize in simultaneous translation, it is our main activity. And the quality of our services has been recognized with the appointment as official providers of the simultaneous translation service for the Conference Hall of Valencia since March 2017. As such, we organize the different teams of interpreters that are needed for their conferences and events, in all the required language combinations such as English, French, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. The chief interpreter is our coordinator Adela Ibáñez.

The most common setting for simultaneous translation care the conference rooms equipped with interpretation booths for the interpreters. From these interpreting booths, the interpreters’ rendition of the speaker’s speech is broadcast. The audience will then select the language channel they prefer from their receivers and will listen to the interpreters translation through their headsets. Interpreting booths can be already installed, or portable ones can be assembled if needed.

Simultaneous translation can also be carried out with the help of a portable transmitter or infoport. This is very appropriate when the interpretation service is required in a visit to a facility, for example. The interpreter carries a transmitter to broadcast her or his interpretation, she or he also has a receiver to listen to the speaker in most cases, and the audience members have receivers with headphones to listen to the translation.

We have used this system very recently in a visit by a group of delegates to different orchards in Valencia, after a morning of seminars. We also have used it quite often combined with fixed or portable booths, when there are working groups in the afternoon after a conference or seminar.

Due to the high level of concentration required, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, taking turns every 20-30 minutes. This type of interpretation is frequently used in international congresses and conferences, product presentations and, in general, in any event where an interpretation is needed and time is of the essence.

There is also another modality of simultaneous translation called whispered interpretation or chuchotage. In this modality, the interpreter is placed next to the person or persons (usually no more than three) who need the translation, and then he or she will translate simultaneously what is being said and in a low voice, as the name suggests. No technical equipment is required.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will inform you about the different options for your conference or event, and will help you to choose the most suitable solution for your circumstances, completely free of charge. Besides, we will offer you the best simultaneous interpreters  in Valencia.