Simultaneous Translation Equipment

Outstanding sound quality is essential for the success of your event

At Quality Interpreters, we can provide you with the simultaneous translation equipment most suitable for your needs. State of the art booths for simultaneous interpretation, with the best loudspeaker systems and simultaneous interpretation headsets. The simultaneous translation equipment we work with comply with ISO standards, and our technicians have extensive experience in solving and adapting the simultaneous interpretation equipment to any customer’s needs.

We can offer you mobile booths, headsets for the audience, clip-on or handheld microphones, infoport briefcases, solutions for room loudspeakers, tour guide systems, etc. Any simultaneous translation equipment you might need.

We can visit the place where the conference or event is going to be held, and we will help you to make the most of the existing facilities. We can detect and solve any need related to the sound equipment for the simultaneous translation. Our long experience having installed booths and equipment in very diverse places and circunstances for very different customer needs, has given us the expertise to provide you with the most convenient proposal for your needs.